Christmas 2022

Yule love some of the new flavours we have for Christmas!

1) Ispahan Log (no alcohol, no nuts)
Inspired by a marvelous combination of flavours first created by Pierre Hermé, this Ispahan Log pairs a rose sponge with lychees in the middle, light cream frosting and raspberries on top. It’s a perfect dessert for the festive season.

2) Margarita Cake (contains alcohol)
A cocktail of lime, Tequila and Cointreau is the inspiration for this new flavour- with its tequila-lime cake, and Cointreau frosting, it’s ready to tingle your senses!

3) Choc Hazelnut Cake (no alcohol, but contains nuts)
One of the best-loved flavour combinations, this pairs a dark choc sponge with hazelnut frosting, dark choc ganache, and crunchy hazelnuts.. can’t imagine how anyone won’t like it!

4) Mont Blanc Yule Log (no alcohol)
Last Xmas our Mont Blanc Yule Log turned out to be a hit! Soft, pillowy Chestnut cake, light chantilly cream, topped with chestnut puree. We get to enjoy it again this year!

5) Rum Cherries Log (contains alcohol, but non-alcohol version is available)
Soft chocolate roulade with light choc cream and rum-soaked cherries, covered in choc ganache. This mainstay is always a hit at Christmas!

6) Choc Guinness Cake with Bailey's Frosting (contains alcohol)
Another seasonal favourite, the richly-flavoured cake goes perfectly well with the creamy Bailey’s Irish cream frosting. A hit all year round!

7) Choc Bailey's Tart (contains alcohol, but non-alcohol version is available. There's a sprinkling of pistachio nut on top as the decoration with raspberries - can be omitted if required.)

8) Pecan Pie (no alcohol, but contains nuts)
By popular demand, the Choc Bailey's Tart and Pecan Pie are also available this Xmas! Great for gifting!

Our Christmas menu is available from 26 Nov- 31 Dec. Pre-order only. Get your orders in early and don't wait til the last minute! If you'll be away for the holidays and want to send a gift to your loved ones, we will be happy to attach a gift tag with a message from you, and help with delivery arrangements if needed.

Kindly note
*From 1-31 December, only the Christmas menu, Carrot Cake and Red Velvet Cake will be available, all other cake flavours will not be available.

*10% Early Bird Discount on Christmas orders available until 1 Dec (full payment required for confirmation of order).

*Orders available on first-come-first-serve basis until slots are full.

*You'll notice that we have tried our best to keep to the same prices as last year despite rising prices of ingredients. Merry Xmas!

1) Ispahan Log
8inch (serves 10-12) - $59

2) Margarita Cake
6inch round (serves 6-8) - $49

3) Choc Hazelnut Cake
6inch (serves 6-8) - $49

4) Mont Blanc Yule Log
8inch (serves 10-12) - $59

5) Rum-Cherries Log
8inch (serves 10-12) - $59

6) Choc Guinness Cake with Baileys' Irish Cream Frosting
6inch round (serves 6-8) - $45

7) Choc Baileys Tart &
8) Pecan Pie
6inch (serves 4) - $36
7inch (serves 6) - $42
9inch (serves 10) - $59

Serving Recommendation:
Most of the cakes taste better at room temperature. Take out of the fridge 20mins before serving.

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  • 6rumcherrieslog2
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  • pecanpie1

Additional Info:

Collection location:
Block 4 Holland Close S271004

Collection timings to note:
Sat 24 Dec: 9am-6pm
Sun 25 Dec: 730-830am

Option 1) Please feel free to book your own delivery courier and let us know the exact time of collection. We will provide the full address for you to book the delivery.

Option 2) We can help to arrange for a delivery. We normally use Lalamove or Grab Express (*they have holiday surcharges for the week before Xmas). Kindly let us know early as we need to book at least 1-2 weeks in advance for 22-25Dec. It will be impossible to get a driver on the spot for those dates, or super expensive.

If you need cakes at a specific time, we highly recommend booking your own delivery person. Kindly let us know the pickup timing.


Keep the cakes refrigerated at all times when not serving.